One of the most vital elements in your healthy printhead maintenance chain is your Wiper Blade.  Think of the face of your printhead like you would the face of your car’s glass windshield.  Think of your machine’s wiper blade like you would your car’s windshield wiper.  Now imagine throwing sand on your windshield and turning your wipers on.  Oh hell no you would NEVER do that, right?  I hope?  Well a dirty wiper blade on your Epson X900 is essentially just as bad.  So what do you do about it if you think it’s dirty?  If it’s been on there a while?  It’s a $14 part – buy it at and YOU replace it.  Watch this video and learn how.


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  1. Dylan said:

    Ok disregard my earlier comment…. I see the place the part really goes is a bit more to the right…. 😉

    • Eric said:

      Glad you worked it out Dylan

  2. Dylan said:

    Now that I have the part out, I can’t seem to see why it will not sit flush going back in (I plan to order a new one but this was to take it out and clean it). There is a pin center bottom on the receiver piece that seems to interfere with the wiper assembly so it will not fit flat…. any ideas on what I’m not understanding? Seems like it is very straightforward but I keep trying…. thanks.

  3. Peter Purdy said:

    where can i buy epson parts other then micro??

  4. peter said:



    • beckyhardgrave said:

      once I moved the wiper assembly down and started the printed, it could locate the wiper position again.

  6. the whold wiper assembly does not come down..

  7. Peter Purdy said:

    When i enter service mode the wiper does not come down??
    any ideas?
    I am getting the code 1489

      • no solution yet

      • no not yet

    • beckyhardgrave said:

      I finally found a manual that showed me where the gear is to manually move the wiper down – it worked! I removed the right cover and found the gear. I can’t figure out how to post a screen shot to here, but it is on page 188 of the
      Pro 7900 and 9900 Field Repair Guide
      I found it here

      • Peter said:

        replaced the ink assembly and wiper and still get a 1489 error message — very frustrating

  8. nozzle check on 9890 has missing lines but no amount of typical cleaning has helped, windex etc. When I print a purge file matte black, the top 1″ is solid matte black and then the faint lines appear and the color is lighter black. Clogged head or something else? Can’t seem to find a reference to the solid band of matte black. I really really don’t want to take print head apart. Thanks for any insight!

    • ^^oops, only on matte black, everything else is beautiful.

  9. Do you have a link I can buy this wiper blade from? I definitely need to change out the one in my 9890. Thank you in advance!

  10. maphew said:

    since it took me awhile to track the right page down that David Herman pionted out, here’s the link (today anyway):

    and since link rot will occur, here’s the suppliers list:

    U.S. Parts Distributors

    Compass Micro, Inc. (503) 408-8725 or (800) 388-8595
    Encompass Parts Distribution (954) 723-9191 or (800) 432-8542
    Micrologic Systems, Inc. (903) 561-0007
    National Parts Depot (845) 469-4800 or (800) 524-8338
    TSAworld, Inc. (770) 417-2323 or (800) 633-6626

    Canadian Parts Distributors

    PCPARTS NOW (888) 309-4570 or (905) 752-0222
    M.S.P.S. (416) 948-7657

    • GoGo said:

      Thank you much Maphew!

  11. IsellEpson said:

    omg, where have you been my whole life? I sell these freakin printers in NYC and can now offer extra help to clients on this TOP SECRET world. Will consider a donation to you with my first wiper blade replacement.

    • GoGo said:

      Excellent, good luck!

  12. Thank you for your information
    The green seem to be always clog…at the same place.
    A tech is offeruing me for 200$ to have the head soak for 2-3 days in an epson cleaner
    What do you think of that?
    Then i guess if it does not work i would have to change the head
    What is the part number of the head for the 9900
    Where could i buy it

    paul rioux

    • GoGo said:

      Paul, call Epson. They have systems in place to get you a replacement head, I think even in Canada. You have to prove ownership by giving them your serial number, but as recent as last week I have people telling me they are getting new heads from Epson Customer Service channels. There’s a few additional steps but it works.


  13. Natraj said:

    I am a newbie and after watching your excellent video, just manged to screw up my courage to take out the wiper blade assembly on my epson 7890 and cleaned the wiper. It does not require replacement (I think). Now having put back the old WB assembly do I still have to do the counter clear procedure? Thanks

    • GoGo said:

      No need to clear your counter. Typically this is done to help you, the owner, understand what stage of life your replaceable parts are. Does not affect the machine. If you have taken your wiper out, cleaned it and re-installed it – you are way ahead of the curve. Good job!

  14. David Herman said:

    Epson has a few authorized vendors which will sell the wipers to you if you decide to venture into the DYI install they are listed on the Epson site under the Drivers and support tab-User replaceable parts.While your at it, it pays to order at least two to have on hand which splits the shipping costs 😉

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