Full X900 printhead changing tutorial, the appropriate servprog.exe file to sync your head, email support if needed.

Service manuals and servprog.exe files for the following machines:

  • 7900
  • 9900
  • 11880
  • 9890
$45 VS $1000 or more, depending on your location service calls can be a LOT more.
Stream the X900 head changing tutorial for 30 days, request service manuals, request servprog.exe files, request email support – and get yourself back to printing!

Trust me you can change your own X900 printhead all by yourself, with the very detailed and thoroughly explained help of this video.  You will need a servprog.exe file to sync your new head, I can help with that.  I used to do all this for donations, which only about 2% of users offered in return.  To those who responded by donating, I thank you sincerely.  To everyone else I am happy you are up and printing again.

That was the past, this is the future.  Rent this video for $45, save yourself $1,000 (sometimes more), and email me with any questions you like.   You get the video for 30 days, you get the appropriate servprog.exe program for your machine, you get my email support (which you will not need if you follow the video as patiently and thoroughly as I created it for you).

As for what you are up against changing your head, Epson will sell you a replacement head.  All you need to do is install it.  This video shows you how, one step at a time.

Note*:  the final step of your new head install will be registering the numbers on the head to the printer, using a PC-only program called “servprog.exe”.  It is rare but some people have had problems with the software not recognizing the printer due to them using an incompatible windows version.  If this happens to you, here is a solution from a fellow Epson head changer, David Lorenz:

Set up Oracle’s Virtual Box VM (virtual machine) on windows pc and install in the VM, Windows XP32 bit.  Then install the driver for the printer in the VM copy of Windows XP.  Print nozzle check to be sure printer is installed OK.  Turn off printer and turn back on in serviceman mode.  Now install Servprog.exe in the VM Windows XP and run.  This worked for me.….  David”

Good luck my friends.

If you feel you’ve got something valuable from MYX900.com, please help keep it alive!  Any donation you feel is appropriate will go toward funding the research, development, and maintenance of this site.  For your security and convenience we accept paypal donations, please follow the link below.  And thank you for helping back! 


*note: While I may be depressed if you tell me you broke your machine in half trying to fix it, I am not responsible.  Any technical help shared on MYX900.com is based on our own do-it-yourself hands-on experiences.  Your choice to follow our experiences, is your choice.  Good luck!  : )

  1. mrg said:

    I have an Epson 7890 and it needs a new head. Is there any specifics missing for me following your guide on this printer as its very close to the 7900. Do I need new software tool or firmware that you have not got a link for?

    • Eric said:

      You can use this video for 9890 head swaps. Many before you have. And I do have the software for the 9890 which comes with the rental. Email me after you rent the vid. I’ll send you some other helpful stuff too.


  2. Larry Chapman said:

    Hi Eric,
    watched the video, head is on it’s way, where do I get the servprog for a 9890?

    • Eric said:

      Email me directly following the link on the site and I’ll hook you up Larry.


  3. Vani Thatcher said:

    Hi, do you still have the ServProg for the Pro 4900?
    Could you please send it to me via mail?
    Thanks in advance

    • Eric said:

      Unfortunately I don’t have the program for the 4900. Different animal. I think because the machine costs less, when the heads go people replace the whole machine instead of just the head like we do on the bigger machines. Sorry I couldn’t help you.


  4. chris said:

    Hi Eric
    I have an Epson Stylus pro 9900, and I believe that the print head is bad. ( lots of cleaning, maintenance cleanings, Magic Bullet… matte black nozzle check is not changing at all, nozzle patten is almost blank.
    so the next step…can I do this ..? decided. to try, but now it seams that I cannot purchase a new print head from Epson? can you (or anyone) advise please?

    • Eric said:

      Chris, first of all why can’t you buy a head from Epson directly? Second, I just helped a guy do a head change on an 11880 and he bought the head in an “unopened box” off ebay for $1,400.00. He just pinged me Friday night to say he’s back up and running successfully. So Epson direct is not your only option, but it is a reliable one. Curious why you can’t buy from them directly.

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