The research costs, the website costs, the videos cost. 
Please help back. is a place to share not only what I have learned from my own research and development pertaining to these X900 printers, but what we as a community have learned through our communication.  The inspiration for my research is to find more sensible solutions to the problems we face as current generation Large Format Epson Stylus Pro users.  To cut potentially huge repair costs at least in half.  To keep ink in our carts, and out of our maintenance tanks.  And above all else, to save life’s most valuable commodity – time.

I feel your pain and I feel your fear as X900 users, both literally and figuratively.  I am, after all, a large format Epson printer just like you.

It costs money, time and effort to share this knowledge with you.  So please, if you feel the knowledge you gain here helps you, spread some manure  – help us back by donating to the cause.  Paypal makes it easy, you don’t even need a paypal account.  Credit cards accepted, please follow the link:

 Thank you!

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  1. Alex said:

    Love it, thank you for your advice

  2. younes said:

    hello all
    i ouwne two epson stylus pro 9700.and i did a manuel clearing with flush .unfortunately the printhead code identification was erased .i can’t cognize each printhead . is possible to install its without code .


  3. This is information regarding the “refill” material of the maintenance tank on Epson 7900/9900 printers. I use “Medline Abdominal (ABD) Sterile 8×10 Pads – Box of 18 pads” that I get through Amazon. It takes six to refill a maintenance tank (you don’t even unfold them), so that means a box of pads is 3 maintenance tank refills for about nine bucks. Of course, I have one of those “chip resetters” to reset the maintenance tank. Big improvement to those “feminine sanitary pads” that have all now sprouted “wings”.

    • Gary said:

      For many years I’ve been resetting and reusing the maintenance tanks. Initially I was using the feminine hygiene pads, but after a short while I decided I didn’t actually need any sort of adsorbing material in the tank. For the past 8+ years my routine is to empty and clean the tank as usual. Install another reusable tank and start printing again. If you are careful when moving the machine(when necessary) there’s no reason to be using any sort of “padding” in the maintenance tank. It has never been an issue in my case, through the 4000, 7600 and now the 9900. Save yourself some time and money, it’s all good!

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