before I say anything else let me say this:

OK moving along now.. is dedicated to helping Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7900, 9900 and 11880 users work through some of the typical problems which can stop your printer dead in it’s tracks.  Clogs.  Chances are if you are here you have clogs and you need help clearing them.  First please refer to the red text just above – do not do SS Cleanings.  More on this later.  Second, refer to the side bar on the right to navigate your way through learning some not so common points about maintaining/repairing/and keeping your Epson Stylus Pro printer out of trouble once it’s up and running again.

Here’s a feedback email from happy camper number I can’t even count anymore, Rick Robinson, who just fixed his Epson Stylus Pro 9900 all by himself (with a little help from  🙂

“Hi Eric,

Well this is me, happily reporting from the end of the rainbow.
I did in fact call Epson on my own, I really didn’t think they would sell me the printhead. I thought they would insist 
that I go through their DecisionOne service company, but to my great surprise they did not.
The printhead arrived 24 hours after I bought it, and I spent an other 24 hours trying to find a #1phillips head 
screw driver with a shaft at least 6 inches long, the most frustrating part of this exercise (Radio Shack has them), except for the price of the printhead!!
I must say that I followed your directions to the letter, and am very happy to tell you that the entire operation went off perfectly.
It is only with your detailed instructions on the video that I would have attempted the process.
The head registration, through the “Servprog” program  went  flawlessly, and once I  ran several pairs head cleanings to 
charge the head with ink, the nozzle patterns were perfect, and the prints are flawless and I didn’t even have to run a 
head alignment.
I took the old head and cleaned it, flushed it with distilled water, using a syringe and small plastic tube.I am keeping it
I would love to know if my attempts to clean it were successful, but I’m not going through that process again until I have to (hopefully never).
I thank you very much for bothering to make the video in the first place, it was invaluable.
please fell free to post this note on your site if you wish.
I will be contributing to the cause
No thank YOU Rick.  And thank you to the many others who also have benefited/contributed to/supported  I have to say there are few better ways to wake up in the morning other than to a thank you email stating that someone has just revived their Epson from the dead, and are successfully printing again because of the work we have put in here.  …Never surrender,


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  1. K a Chamberlain said:

    Hi Eric

    I sent you an email and I’m desperately in need of a response. After watching the printhead replacement video I’m now having no ink at all. Machine has no error codes. I can not find the servgpro.exe. I have two machines and both are responding the same.
    I must point out I have flushed the heads and not replaced with new.


    • Eric said:

      I found your email in the spam folder. Strange. I can give you the program but the program is not why you are firing blanks. I don’t know what you did, but your email says you have not bought a new head yet. So I assume you removed your original heads to clean them or something. This could have gotten air in your lines. Or if you did not reassemble the machine properly you may have no pressure in the lines. Like I said I don’t know what you did. Seems to be more than simply watching the video and now suddenly both your machines don’t work. Tell me more in email, I will respond there now as well.

      • Ken Johnson said:

        Hello my name is Ken and I am haveing the same EXACT problem as this fellow. can you help me please.

      • Eric said:

        Ken, have you taken your head out and forced ink through it to flush it? That’s a risky thing to do – kind of like jumping out of an airplane holding a bed sheet over your head as a parachute. Might work in theory, but in reality….

        Take a flashlight, shine it on your lines in front of the carriage going into the head. Can you see air in the lines? If not you probably have ink in your head. If you have ink in your head, and you have pressure, and it’s not firing, and all your wires and ground are fastened properly, you most likely killed your head parachuting into the jungle

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