Epson Stylus Pro 7900, 9900, 11880


First of all quit worrying yourself.  This is easy.  If you’ve got a copy of the service manual handy I want you to do something for yourself, for today’s exercise anyway, lose it.  Epson took the lazy man’s approach to writing that manual.  If one part becomes accessible during the process of taking another completely unrelated piece apart, they include both processes together.  It’s completely misleading.  Go ahead and the read the manual page after page, line after line.  You’ll see, they make you take half the machine apart just to clean the wiper.


Turns out the best way to clean your 7900, 9900, and 11880 wiper blade is also the easiest way.  Here’s what you need:
1 – distilled water (grocery store – $2)
2 – foam swabs (get FOAM not cotton.  Pack of 50 at amazon – $12)
3 – there is no three.  Told you this was easy.

Next step is finding the wiper blade.  Once again the best way to do this is also the easiest way – watch my Wiper Exchange Video Tutorial.

The process is simple – start the printer up in service mode/release the head/click wiper exchange in the menu/remove the wiper/clean the wiper with distilled water and your foam swab/install the wiper and you’re done.

Happy printing!


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  1. Manuel Valenzuela said:

    Hello and thank you for all the Info on the printers! I was wondering if can point me in the right direction on finding the wiper blade cleaner you have posted in the picture of this page? It is the little foam, not sure what material it is made out of.

  2. Rafael said:

    I tried your idea to check the wiper blade, but the printing head does not leave its resting place and the printer says to call for a technician and gives code 1138 error. My printer (7900) has been without printing for more than a year. How could I circumvent this problem? Any help appreciated. Thanks!

    • Eric said:

      Email me directly maybe we can find an answer in the field manual

      • Rafael said:

        do you mind sending me your direct mail? I don’t know where to find it. Thanks.

      • Eric said:

        Eric at

  3. Marcel said:

    After watch your site here, i really appreciate your sharings. Unfortunately my 7900 Print head is probably death and i looking for a replycement. Anyone having an ide where to buy? Epson dont sell them here in switzerland.

  4. I swapped the head in my 4900 today and now the unit will not power on. I’ve checked the power cord and it is OK. Main power button and serviceman mode power on do nothing at all. What are the odds that I’ve had a random power supply failure? All the head leads are connected and the two wire from the selector assembly are connected. Are there any other interlock points that I could have disrupted while doing the head change?

    • Michael said:

      Maybe you killed the fuses on the mainboard.

  5. Xander said:

    is it the same wiper blade for every printer? Where do I find one for the 4800, 4880, 4900, 9800, 9890, and 11880

  6. Trevor said:

    80% of nozzles were blocked on my 7890 as printer has not been used for a while. It has also had compatible inks installed. It printed 3 nozzle checks and now throws a Fatal Error 1A39. It does not throw the error when I put it in service mode.

  7. dianne said:

    How do you know if you need to clean the wiper blade?
    Thanks for your website, very helpful.

    • GoGo said:

      Follow the procedure to replace it, just don’t replace it – look at it. Use a flash light, if it’s all gunked up or crooked, you’ll know what to do.. Good luck

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