Chances are if you own an Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7900, or 9900 large format printer, this is not your first rodeo.  You’ve worked your way through clogs before on older machines, you’re prepared to go to battle again on this newer machine.  I commend you for this.  And I can save you a shit load of money right now because I am you, only one year later.  Imagine if you could go on a journey full of epic battles – mostly lost, too much money – totally wasted, and endless time – completely blown to hell, and then turn back after a year and decide “Well maybe not…  I think I’ll rewind last year and try something different this time.”

Oh if life could only be that easy..

You can find special cleaning carts that fit your X900 just fine.  The machine will recognize them, you can fill them with any number of “cleaning solutions”, and you can run power cleanings till your utilities provider puts a preferred customer star on your next bill.  But all you’ll be doing is wasting your time, your money, and your ink.

First of all it takes a boat load of ink to fill your lines, all of which you will be flushing in order to fill the lines with cleaning fluid.  Second of all the cleaning fluid won’t do a dam thing about clearing your un-clearable clogs.  And third of all it takes a second boat load of ink to flush the cleaning fluid from the lines again and fill them with ink.  So WTF, save yourself a year and don’t even go there.

The problem with your un-clearable clogs is simple – cleaning fluid can’t clean dried ink that it can’t reach.  Consider this image of a typical clogged sink drain.  In order for Draino to get to the clog monster it first has to break through the clog, which it can’t do.  So your clog flips you the bird.

The clogs in your X900 are very much the same as your worst kitchen sink clog.  If you can’t reach it, you can’t clear it.


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  1. In the section “windex” speak with irony? When translated into Spanish I thought so. If it does not sorry. In Spain there is no windex, glass cleaner with ammonia are very similar.

    • GoGo said:

      Yes Roberto, many have used “windex” soaked in paper towels set under their heads to loosen up dried ink in the face of the head. Although this technique can be very successful on older machines, like 9800s and previous, it does not seem to be very effective on the newer x900 models. This is rather unfortunate to say the least!

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