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  1. Austin said:

    atriculated steps. outstanding instructing and worthy of donating to keep this running. The process delivery by the speaker made this enjoyable to work through. This was very thorough and I hope if my next accidental project comes up I can reference you.

    I didn’t actually have to replace the print head just clean it out. Nova Polymers (who we bought the machine from) said that the heads broke, buy the new printer and ink (not so fast tricksters) thanks to this godly video and demonstration. It now runs better than how we got it and didn’t cost a dime. How can I get this guy in out shop!!!! lead engineer and fabricator!

  2. Hey Eric, thanks for the great tutorial, I just used your video to successfully change the head and ink selector box on my Epson 9900. The video is concise and well produced, and all your hilarious comments along the way were much appreciated. I couldn’t have done it without your video, please accept my paypal contribution and my heartfelt thanks. Keep up the fantastic work!

    • Eric said:

      It is people like you, Andrew, who make this all worthwhile. Your contribution, like those before you, is very much appreciated. Thank you!

      Good luck brother,


  3. mk montgomery said:

    Thank you for your tutorials. I wish there was a club or something. I live on Hawaii and know no one who finds this stuff fascinating. I successfully cleaned a print head on a canon iP100 by suspending the head over windex for several days. Yes it is amazing how small the nozzles are. My 7900 is clogged on the green and vivid magenta channels. I have tried power cleanings. Epson sent me some Magenta for free. Then I printed a large sheet of just magenta color. The printer reacted with two or three high pitch noises. Hope that wasn’t a piezo going bad. Am contemplating taking the head out and holding it over some cleaning fluid or windex. I read the saga about your adventure on trying to unclog your 7900. It’s possible my print head is salvageable. Not quite ready. Undoubtedly will view your video a few more times.

    • Stu McCormick said:

      I tried the Windex/paper towel on my 7900 and found that the towel must be thick enough so that the damp paper is actually in contact with the print head. Did this several times (4 thicknesses of towel) and got some very pretty colored towels but my orange nozzles still don’t work.

  4. GoGo said:

    Thank you sincerely Mike. Stay on top of that machine and you’ll be fine. Neglect it and we’ll most likely talk more.. hope not though, for your sake 🙂

  5. Mike Polk said:

    That one one of the best training videos of any kind that I have seen. I don’t have a problem with my 7900…yet. But i do appreciate the knowledge that you shared in the video and it will help me understand what the printer is doing.

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