Full X900 printhead changing tutorial, the appropriate servprog.exe file to sync your head, email support if needed.

Service manuals and servprog.exe files for the following machines:

  • 7900
  • 9900
  • 11880
  • 9890
$45 VS $1000 or more, depending on your location service calls can be a LOT more.
Stream the X900 head changing tutorial for 30 days, request service manuals, request servprog.exe files, request email support – and get yourself back to printing!

Trust me you can change your own X900 printhead all by yourself, with the very detailed and thoroughly explained help of this video.  You will need a servprog.exe file to sync your new head, I can help with that.  I used to do all this for donations, which only about 2% of users offered in return.  To those who responded by donating, I thank you sincerely.  To everyone else I am happy you are up and printing again.

That was the past, this is the future.  Rent this video for $45, save yourself $1,000 (sometimes more), and email me with any questions you like.   You get the video for 30 days, you get the appropriate servprog.exe program for your machine, you get my email support (which you will not need if you follow the video as patiently and thoroughly as I created it for you).

As for what you are up against changing your head, Epson will sell you a replacement head.  All you need to do is install it.  This video shows you how, one step at a time.

Note*:  the final step of your new head install will be registering the numbers on the head to the printer, using a PC-only program called “servprog.exe”.  It is rare but some people have had problems with the software not recognizing the printer due to them using an incompatible windows version.  If this happens to you, here is a solution from a fellow Epson head changer, David Lorenz:

Set up Oracle’s Virtual Box VM (virtual machine) on windows pc and install in the VM, Windows XP32 bit.  Then install the driver for the printer in the VM copy of Windows XP.  Print nozzle check to be sure printer is installed OK.  Turn off printer and turn back on in serviceman mode.  Now install Servprog.exe in the VM Windows XP and run.  This worked for me.….  David”

Good luck my friends.

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*note: While I may be depressed if you tell me you broke your machine in half trying to fix it, I am not responsible.  Any technical help shared on MYX900.com is based on our own do-it-yourself hands-on experiences.  Your choice to follow our experiences, is your choice.  Good luck!  : )

  1. Compass Micro can no longer sell Epson print heads for the P9900 as it is more than 8 years since end of production. Replaced one several years ago using this sites instructions. Ordering one off Ebay.

  2. Shaun said:

    I want to rent, but 30 days isn’t enough. Will take a month for part to arrive and I want to open printer firstly to find part number of head for my Epson Stylus Pro 9890 (and I don’t know how to open the printer to remove the head). I keep getting conflicting info on the printer head part number, as such I want to confirm what print head is actually in my unit so I can hunt around and order the part. Can you do, say, 45-60 day rental? Or can you confirm the precise part number I am to locate for this printer. I keep coming across DX6 but seems there are different part numbers. Very confusing.

  3. Chris Franklin said:

    I have a 7900. Replaced the print head. Ink not flowing through tubes (tried init fill and pairs cleaning…no movement). Error 4000 (call Epson). Manual says error 4000 = “After 2 attempts, the AID circuitry can detect no nozzles. Technician Required to repair.” Anyone had this happen? My AID board tests are failing. Even tried a different board, no luck.

    • vincenzo said:

      I too have the same problem, I bought an unlocked head from aliexpress, ink comes out but nothing prints giving error 4000 and I don’t know how to cancel it

      • Chris Franklin said:

        I tried a new head, new AID board and even a new main board. Nothing worked. Sold the printer on craigslist “as-is, where-is” and never looked back.

      • Eric said:

        Which machine? I don’t find a 4000 error in the 7900 service manual

      • Chris Franklin said:

        Mine was a 7900. I had 2 different service manuals. One contained more details on the error codes. I also sent an email to Epson support and they confirmed a 4000 error was an AID board/cable issue. However, as I said, replacing the AID board/cable didn’t fix my issue.

      • Eric said:

        Sounds like a 4000 error is when the infamous service man blindly throws new parts at a machine until somehow brilliantly it works again, $6,000 later… That really sucks. I’ve searched the net and find nothing so far.

  4. Chip said:

    Have a 9900 that’s been sitting a while. Powered on, ran cleanings, typical Orange and Green issue. Removed the head, did a gentle back flush and purged some of the most unholy ink clogs from those two lines that I’ve ever seen in 25+ yrs of Epson use and maintenance. Put everything back together clean with ink passages flowing, ready for the init fill and got the 11 red X’s. Never touched the ink bays, chips make good contact (go in one by one showing up fine, crashes back to all X’s putting the last one in), it’s seems like a software game that’s kicked off once the contacts at the sub board got disconnected while power from the CR2032 on the main was still holding a bios(?) Removed battery, let sit for an hour, battery back in, 11x game still running again. Control panel allowed access for a firmware update, reboot 11x game still running again lol. It’s almost as if this is a service call booby trap to sell boards, any idea how to get around this for what is officially a 14y/o printer? Looking at having to pick up the phone and break some bad news to a client with a deadline 6 days out, definitely would be willing to pay to get rid of the red x’s even if Orange and Green are still clogged I can run it as a 9890 right?

    • Eric said:

      The 11X game is pretty random it seems. Most have no problem at all, so the booby trap theory seems unlikely in my opinion. My suspicion is static electricity. Since you seem more advanced than most, including me, and you know exactly what you did and how – please ask yourself if you think it’s possible that your electric personality during disassembly/reassembly might possibly have damaged the board. I am hoping your answer is yes because I would love to understand why this happens so randomly to some and not ever to most.

      • Chip said:

        Thanks for the reply, I’ll go check it out again shortly, static electricity is a gremlin farm when dealing with sensitive contacts like ribbon leads and exposed terminals, thus I usually perform a habitual discharge of myself and any electrical/electronic devices to ground before maintenance, work one handed with black nitrile gloves. Still, it’s an interesting perspective and I too am hoping it zero in on it by end of day, I’ll keep you posted either way. About to start with resistances on the ribbon paths to the ink bays, a static fry isolated to a particular component while a board remains otherwise functional with no additional codes thrown provide a quicker resolution most of the time. I would have never went this route earlier lol

      • Eric said:

        You my friend could become the missing link to the 11X gremlin game chain

      • Eric said:

        Any news Chip?

  5. Stephanie said:

    Do you have instructions on how to clean or replace an Epson p6000 printhead?

  6. Sam said:

    Orange and green are completely gone for me also. Is it worth trying any cleaning techniques or just cut bait? Wondering if there have been any breakthroughs lately…..lol

    I think I know the answer.

    If not, I have a bunch of ink and tons of paper I’m willing to sell.

    • Eric said:

      I haven’t heard of any breakthroughs unfortunately. I suggest you try as many ideas as you feel up to. Can’t hurt, unless you consider money painful like I do. But some things you can try don’t cost, like soaking your head in a short puddle of windex for a few years. Or days. Remember ink has a second purpose – as coolant in your head. So be careful with the SS cleanings. Like don’t do them. Also be careful considering things like ultrasonic cleaning. These heads are super fragile. You might think of Epson X900 heads being about as fragile as your wife might be about your answer to that age old deadly trick question, “Do you think my ass looks bigger.”

  7. Michael LaMaster said:

    Hello – I just started teaching digital photo at a local college. The school has an Epson Stylus Pro 7900. The previous instructor would not allow any students to use the printer for fear of them breaking it. This caused the head to completely clog on number 2 and 9 nozzle, orange and green. I have done the deep clean setting and print test and 2 and 9 come out completely white. All of the other colors print fine and no gaps in the lines. Epson tech said that its not worth the cost of them to fix it and we should buy a new printer. The school doesnt want to do this so now we just have a giant paperweight. Would replacing the head fix this? Any way to unclog? This has been like this, I am told, a few years now and it just sits collecting dust.

    • Michael LaMaster said:

      I meant nozzles 2 and 8. Sorry

    • Eric said:

      Yea that’s the classic story of these Epson x900 machines. Not enough use, they clog. Try to clear the clog, they die. It’s a fragile world inside those heads unfortunately Michael. The answer is yes, changing your head will get you going again. And it’s pretty easy to do. The video is simple, broken down step by step so thoroughly your mom could do it. The hardest part is getting a head, which isn’t actually hard at all. Source a head, talk to the school and see if they’ll pay for it. If it’s a yes you are golden. If it’s a no you’ve got a huge paperweight

  8. Lex said:

    I did the exact same thing. Any idea what part is actually broke now? Lol. All my inks are lighting up red X. Is it the mainboard fuse or the printhead?

    Also any idea if you can put a 9890 head into a 7900?

    • Eric said:

      email me and I’ll send you the service manual with lots of confusing answers inside

  9. Josh said:

    Hi, so I was taking my head out and cleaning it then putting it back in, and did it 3 times without making a mistake, the last time I started to reconnect the cables and realized the power was still on, which resulted in me seeing a spark while connecting the cables. I turned it off, finished installing the head, then powered it back on.

    Now, I have an ink cartridge error, replace ink cartridges. When I reinstall cartiridges one by one they are recognized, when the last is installed it gives the error…

    I assume I fried the carriage board, and head, I’m just wondering if there is a list of boards that I need to replace?


    • Eric Gulbransen said:

      I sent you some stuff in email Josh. Let us know what you find.


  10. Aaron said:

    Eric, do you know if you are doing a deep clean of your existing printhead, outside of your 7900 or p7000, can one simply reinstall the existing cleaned printhead back in the same machine, without going through the serveprog process?

    • Eric said:

      Yes I have done exactly this several times. No need to sync the same head. Good luck

  11. Kenn Scheinberg said:

    what size of tubing do I need to flush the 7900 epson printhead. I need to attach it to a syringe and the other end to the print head nubbin for flushing. Also I dropped one of the screws holding the printhead on. How do I replace it?

  12. steve williams said:

    Hi. Do you have instructions on how to change printhead on an Epson 7890?

    • Mark j Lerner said:

      please help i need instructions or idea how to remove the print head from
      a epson 11880
      thank you

      • Eric said:

        The machines are very similar. Many before you have used the 7900 / 9900 print head changing video to change their 11880 machines. I also give you both the servprog.exe for the 11880, and the field repair guild – with the video rental. So you should be well covered.


  13. Hey Eric,

    Do you know if I can put an Epson Stylus Pro 7900 print head into an Epson Stylus Pro 7700?

    Thanks!! Wayne

    • Ericric said:

      Looks like you can from what I can gather researching parts lists online, but I’ve never done it personally

      • Wayne Erickson said:

        Hey Eric,

        Thanks for the reply!!!

        Well I have a 7900 and 7700 to give it a go with. The only thing is the 7900 just started to give me a FATAL ERROR FatalError ID : 1A39, it was printing fine before the error.

        I am attempting to clear the error if I can.

        Thanks again!! Wayne

  14. Dolph Miller said:

    What is the proper part number for 7900 stylus pro print head. I’ve run across several:
    Having correct print head would certainly help in the replacement process🤭
    Dolph Miller

  15. Dolph said:

    I am searching for Epson Stylus Pro 7900 printhead. I’ve run across these part numbers, can you tell me which is correct and explain the unlocked description? There is a significant price difference?
    Thank you for your assistance,

    – Epson DX6 Stylus Pro 7900 9900 9700 Unlocked F191040

    – F191010 PRINTHEAD FOR EPSON 9900/7900/9700/770

  16. lewisprecisionimagingca said:

    Any chance this will work on my clogged-up P8000?

    • Eric said:

      I’ve had two people use this for that machine. I even bought the program and gave it to them. While they were successful, though, I can’t say 100% personally because I’ve not actually done it with my own paws.

      • Mel said:

        I think I’m one of those two Eric referred to. I successfully replaced the head on my P9000 a couple years ago. I’m very grateful to him for providing the new service program for us, but there are some critical things you need to know before attempting to use it:

        BEFORE launching the program you MUST set the clock back on your computer. I know that March 10, 2018 works, so I use that date. If you don’t, the program will say it’s expired, and then no amount of changing the clock will help you.

        The activator program is a little confusing, but here’s how to use it: You click on the text that says “Drag me” and drag it over onto the grayed-out “OK” button on the service program. The “Text” box on the activator should then show a hexadecimal number followed by a hyphen and “OK” (such as “0040B70 – OK”). You have to click on that text and then click the “Enable!” button, whereupon the “OK” button of the service program will become clickable.

      • Eric said:

        This is excellent Mel. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience!

  17. Ivo Dimitrov said:

    Тhe head need to be calibrated after a change?or just run a head cleaning

    • Eric said:

      If you follow the manual the answer is yes, you need to calibrate a new (or changed) head. But the manual also says you have to set the timer on a new wiper blade, which you do not. I have changed heads without calibrating them, during testing, and they worked the same.

    • Changed mine months ago, never calibrated, working fine

      • Ivo Dimitrov said:

        after inserting what should be done

  18. Thanks for the video/help. I was able to resolve the issue on my 9890. I will admit it took a little more effort than expected, and I assume it is my own fault. Back story, my printer was converted to run dye sublimation ink about a year ago. I changed out the ink switching unit which includes the dampers. The instructions stated to change the rubber gaskets between the ink tubes and the ink switcher, due to the fact that I did not have them at the time, i changed them now when changing the head. I am assuming this introduced air into the ink tubes before the damper, which caused more of an issue. After running a cleaning cycle, I seemed to have all the channels firing, but then the yellow dropped out and eventually the vivid magenta. I had run a power clean and several unclog print jobs from Qimage and then pair cleaning, not making
    any progress. I eventually ran an ink charge and that resolved the issue.

    Thanks for the help!

  19. ioan said:

    Hey Eric and thanks for the video, I removed my epson 9900 print head and put it back again but I can’t print anything, it says it’s printing anything but doesn’t actually print anything, I tried to do the Init Fill but nothing seems to work, any suggesions?

    • Eric Gulbransen said:

      Are you sure it’s filled with ink? Air = no pressure = no ink

      • ioan said:

        i fixed it by doing cleaning int clean 1-3 after reseating the cables and it’s working properly

      • Eric said:

        Nice work and thanks for sharing Ioan

  20. mrg said:

    I have an Epson 7890 and it needs a new head. Is there any specifics missing for me following your guide on this printer as its very close to the 7900. Do I need new software tool or firmware that you have not got a link for?

    • Eric said:

      You can use this video for 9890 head swaps. Many before you have. And I do have the software for the 9890 which comes with the rental. Email me after you rent the vid. I’ll send you some other helpful stuff too.


  21. Larry Chapman said:

    Hi Eric,
    watched the video, head is on it’s way, where do I get the servprog for a 9890?

    • Eric said:

      Email me directly following the link on the site and I’ll hook you up Larry.


  22. Vani Thatcher said:

    Hi, do you still have the ServProg for the Pro 4900?
    Could you please send it to me via mail?
    Thanks in advance

    • Eric said:

      Unfortunately I don’t have the program for the 4900. Different animal. I think because the machine costs less, when the heads go people replace the whole machine instead of just the head like we do on the bigger machines. Sorry I couldn’t help you.


      • Jorge Lopez said:

        Do i need the servpro.exe for the epson pro 9880
        Printer head f187000

    • Eric said:

      Email me off this site and I’ll send you what you need Jorge

  23. chris said:

    Hi Eric
    I have an Epson Stylus pro 9900, and I believe that the print head is bad. ( lots of cleaning, maintenance cleanings, Magic Bullet… matte black nozzle check is not changing at all, nozzle patten is almost blank.
    so the next step…can I do this ..? decided. to try, but now it seams that I cannot purchase a new print head from Epson? can you (or anyone) advise please?

    • Eric said:

      Chris, first of all why can’t you buy a head from Epson directly? Second, I just helped a guy do a head change on an 11880 and he bought the head in an “unopened box” off ebay for $1,400.00. He just pinged me Friday night to say he’s back up and running successfully. So Epson direct is not your only option, but it is a reliable one. Curious why you can’t buy from them directly.

      • Chris said:

        Just reading through the comments, I too have an Epson Stylus Pro 9900, was just told today by Epson that unless you have a service order# and the order comes direct from a service technician, Epson will not sell direct to customer

      • Mel said:

        Chris, have you tried Compass Micro? They sold me a head for my P9000 about half a year ago. They didn’t show it on their website, but they were able to sell me one over the phone.
        If something has changed since then to where we can’t buy the heads any more, the would be very concerning.

    • sketchcalgary said:

      Hello! I was having this same issue (Epson would not sell me a printhead directly) so I finally found a compane in Cochrane, AB called Prime Parts.ca. It is about $2000 for a printhead. We are discussing our options right now; repair vs buy new ($8000 for a new Canon 4100) and I think we will be going the replacement printhead route for my Epson 9900. I will update here after we’ve gone through with it.

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